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Declare Energy Independence: Unleash the Power of Solar for Your Home

Finance with 0% Down OR
Cash Payments

Fix your Energy Bills

Solar as a Saving Account

Make your Power Bill predictable

Start your Solar Independence now! Take control of your rising power bills, retain power when the grid is down, or help your community. Take control now.

The utility companies continue to raise rates!  

Whether it is due to inflation, cost of power generation, or just general profit margins, the effect is the same for you.   Your monthly costs continue to increase.  That in an infinite payment with zero return.   

A residential solar system can help you reclaim that control.   Even a small solar system will help control the monthly bills as a predictable, never increasing amount.   Budget for your power bills with us.

  • Lock in your Energy Rate
  • Get credit for being energy efficient
  • Make a smart financial decision for your future

Any Home, Any Dream

Energy Independence for Everyone

Commonwealth Solar offers a full range of solar solutions:

  • Small solutions, budgeting of energy costs
  • Power backup solutions for the unexpected
  • Going fully off-grid, where possible   

We truly are your energy independence partner offering services here in our home state of Kentucky.  We also service West Virginia.

Residential Solar Incentives

Residential Financing

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