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Solar for Business of any size is a way to create predictable energy bills, while investing in your business long term. Solar Energy Systems provide stable power usage, backup during outages, or just an additional investment in our company that will provide long term results.


Utility Rates Continue to Increase
Lock in your rates now!

Historical trending of electrical power has been fairly linear.  However, the same programs that are limiting solar generation in other parts of the country are coming here as well.  NEM2 is already hear with removes the 1 to 1 Energy credits and NEM3 will most likely be here three which will limit your options even more.   If you install a system before these changes take effect, you can lock in your rates for 25 years.

Local Energy Trends and Predictions

Business Incentives

When investing in your business, incentives can help lower the ROI while providing predictable utility bills.  Commonwealth Solar can help navigate the difficult process of finding every place you can recieve credit or grants to help justify the cost of Energy Solutions.  Here are a few of the possible solutions: