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Farms are struggling

Commonwealth Solar was founded by a several partners, one being a farmer with a simple idea of helping the Central Kentucky Community.   As a multi-generational farming family, we understand how hard it has been for small and medium size farms.   Costs keep going up and the market has been stagnated or going down.   Property taxes are going up as the urban sprawl moves outward.  Where can we look to save money, keeping what matters most to us?  Our children deserve a chance to have the same discoveries as we had.  Solar is one aspect of lowering costs, fix rate our energy bills, and prevent inflation from hitting as hard.

Power companies keep raising the rates on farms and are moving to charge more through peak energy rates (Time of Use), and require farms to use GS rates, which are more expensive.

Special Incentives for Agriculture

The USDA has set aside a large fund for Agriculture business with farms being one of the primary targets.   Combining multiple incentives can provide some relief for farms here in Kentucky.

Commonwealth Solar is one of the few Solar Installers in Central Kentucky that specializes in Agriculture solar.   We can help you find the right solution that can provide long term relief from rising power bills.  We not only can help design the right solar solution but can help write the grants for USDA REAP.

Solar Ground Mount Installed by Commonwealth Solar