Commonwealth Solar

Solar, Power to the People

Project Details

Installation Type

Flush Roof Mount

Solar Size

15.37 kW


100% Off-Grid


92 kWh

Crab Orchard, KY

This is a true success story about upgrading older installations. This customer had a mix of panels from 15 years ago and 10 years ago. We replaced all the panels with bifacial 540-watt panels on their 12 pitch south facing metal roof. Being an off grid system, the customer had to be careful about power consumption day to day. After replacing all the panels, this customer has been able to power the whole house, air conditioning, and not worry about power consumption. With a Sol-Ark 15K and 18 EG4 batteries, they full power is met and so far, the customer has yet to dip below 60% on their battery levels. When this far away from Grid power, it is important to have the right solution.

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