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How to Choose a Solar Installer

Solar Installations range from extremely simple to unbelievably complex.

Here are a few things to look for in your Installer Choice

Consultative First

Your Installer should be interested in what you want, your end goals, and how to save you money.  If they do not want to spend the time with you to figure this out, be warry.

Certifications Matter

Your Installer should be heavily certified.  This shows you they have spent the time to invest in your solar solution.  This should be both industry standards and the equipment you want to use.

NABCEP Employees

Beyond the certifications are Industry leaders who invest time, money, and earn the highest Solar recognition.  These installers have achieved the Gold standard in Solar.

Equipment That Will Last

What equipment installed matter.   Roofing Grade rails, well designed feet, Longer Warranties.   You want your solution to last for many trouble free decades.   So many installers save money here which will cost you down the road.

Establishing Trust

You installer is not just selling you something.   You are partnering with them for several decades.  You should trust everyone involved.

Clear Communication

Communication is key to nearly everything in life.   When it comes to your Energy Independence, you want to always know what is going on, during the install and then                     wit your system. 

Local Teams and Expertise

Choose an installer who specializes in not just solar, but your local codes.   Who uses recognized Electricians and can provide localized knowledge for your project.

No Hidden Fees

Many companies rely on lower cost, then change the solution and you move forward.    Look for a company that specifically includes a turnkey solution so you are no suprised by anything.